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Bonavita Brands is your seamless one-stop hub for wholesale, delivering a curated selection of high-quality, professional cafe products, and innovative homeware lifestyle items.

At Bonavita Brands, we offer a sophisticated ecommerce experience designed to empower our wholesale partners. Our approachable and knowledgeable staff, comprised of coffee industry professionals deeply acquainted with their trade, ensures a personalized touch. Discover smart and innovative homeware solutions through Bonavita Brands, where simplicity and elegance meet in every home kitchen experience.

We care about your business

Bonavita Brands supports B2B success by offering detailed product spec sheets and compelling marketing materials with photos.

Our one-stop ecommerce platform seamlessly guides wholesale partners, unveiling smart homeware solutions that inspire customers to relish elegant kitchen experiences. Our team, comprised of approachable and knowledgeable staff, includes seasoned coffee industry professionals ready to provide personalized assistance.

Trust Bonavita Brands for an unparalleled exploration into innovative homeware, ensuring your journey is guided by expertise and results in exceptional kitchen experiences.

We care about your customers

We prioritize Support and Warranty for our high-quality products built to last. With an in-house R&D team dedicated to crafting better products, we aim to elevate lifestyle experiences. Our professional experts cater to both B2B businesses and individual customers, providing invaluable product information, robust customer support, and enlightening blogs.

We ensure that every customer receives exceptional value, reinforcing our dedication to delivering quality and expertise with every purchase.

Professional grade products

Brewista products shine on the big stage, trusted by cafes and restaurants nationwide. The preferred choice of professional baristas in competitions, Brewista tools have consistently been the key to championship-winning performances, demonstrating their reliability and excellence in the demanding world of competitive coffee brewing.

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Receive your products promptly! Place your order before 5pm to receive delivery within two business days.


We are proud to empower our B2B customers with high-quality, innovative cafe & homeware lifestyle products.

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We know how time consuming it is to create professional content for your social media, so we built a downloadable content library just for you.

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Buy with confidence. Our coffee industry professionals are ready to support and share their wealth of knowledge.

Making wholesale a whole lot easier

Michalis DimitrakopoulosWorld Coffee Events Certified Judge, World CIGS Champion

"Brewista's commitment to consistent flow and precise water temperature is truly remarkable, setting Brewista apart in the world of coffee innovation."

Jesse AppellOwner, Jesse's Teahouse

"Tea is all about creating the best environment for your guests and yourself. Brewista kettles work and look great and I recommend them to all my tea friends!"